Powerful features out of the box

RED was purpose-built to solve the challenges facing engineering companies today. It comes ready with powerful features out of the box so you can get started with XR easily and quickly!

Reuse existing CAD data

RED supports native files from all major CAD packages, common neutral formats, and other 3D files. A powerful data prep module ensures your CAD data can be easily reused so you can focus on content creation instead of re-work.

No-coding platform

RED was built for designers, and engineers. RED requires no coding and has a familiar, intuitive interface – so you can get started right away. Designers, engineers, trainers can create experiences without any programming help.

Powerful built-in modules

Visualization, prototyping, training, maintenance – whatever the use case, it’s ready out of the box. Coupled with the no-coding required, you can start leveraging XR in minutes, instead of days.

Enhanced collaboration

Powerful collaboration capabilities so you can conceptualize, validate, and deliver innovative products faster. Instead of tedious 2D communication, share knowledge better through XR.

PLM integration

Seamless integration with PLM makes RED and generated content available across the enterprise with lifecycle management, versioning, and user access control.

Offline, desktop deployment

Completely offline, desktop deployment reduces data security risk. RED can work with no Internet access, behind corporate firewalls, and on internal network infrastructure.

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