Get your designs right the first time

RED can increase product quality by enabling design engineers to investigate a greater number of alternative designs before choosing a final one.

RED can assist design engineers validate CAD data for various downstream issues related to manufacturing, cost, quality, assembly, serviceability and environment right at the design stage.

Helps avoid expensive features in design which can increase cost and create issues in manufacturing, assembly and servicing. Helps to improve productivity of the design process by capturing downstream requirements early thus reducing design rework, review time and leading to better quality.

VR environments improve decision making by enabling you to better assess and resolve ergonomic factors such as sight lines, reachability, and clearances earlier in the lifecycle.

Prototyping features

  • Prototypes can be evaluated in 1:1 scale realism
  • Any number of prototypes and variants can be created for concurrent evaluation
  • Capture and share engineering review changes to facilitate decision making on product changes and alternative design studies

Digital Mock Up review

RED facilitates the next generation of Digital Mock up (DMU) reviews so you can conduct product verification at any point of the product development with only a  final verification against a physical prototype.

RED powered DMU reviews enable engineers to model and simulate assembly and disassembly processes for series production, and after-sales service processes.

RED enables more verification in lesser time – increasing design quality and reducing time to market.

Virtual prototypes, real impact

RED prototyping environments can help design engineers and other stakeholders to detect and resolve design issues early in the product lifecycle.

RED allows you to create high-fidelity digital prototypes comprised of all sub-assemblies, and components.

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