RED powered Virtual Reality training experiences are powerful, immersive, and impactful learning sessions – delivering value that classroom and traditional methods of instruction just cannot match.

RED unlocks impossible training scenarios – imagine a virtual classroom sitting inside a broiler room.

Virtual practise means lesser wear-and-tear on actual equipment. Save training costs associated with replacing worn out models and practise equipment.

Empower trainers to create their own training experiences with the no-coding interface of the RED platform.

The RED software is the best tool for companies to get started with Extended Reality technologies. From our evaluation of all the XR training software available today, we think RED is the clear winner in terms of product capabilities and future plans.


Training features

  • Simulate actual, on-job scenarios making the learning process contextual and relevant
  • Increase first-time quality by increasing trainee muscle memory
  • Improve trainee performance through 100% higher knowledge retention
  • Train without risk to human or machine through safe virtual environments
  • Lower training costs by training on virtual equipment instead of live equipment

Collaborative learning

Use RED to overcome the barriers of space by bringing trainers and trainees together into a common virtual space.

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