Visualize CAD like never before

RED provides powerful visualization capabilities that can help reduce time to market, and improve product quality while satisfying evolving design requirements.

Visualize your CAD data like never before with the power of Extended Reality. Break 3D data out of the confines of a 2D screen and bring it into the real world.


  • visualize 3D mesh geometry in immersive Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • view attributes, PMI, & other product data
  • interact at assembly, sub-assembly or component levels
  • navigate through product tree by hiding, showing, or searching for components
  • change Transparency
  • take measurements
  • create dynamic sections
  • analyze components
  • compare design variants

Informal reviews

With RED’s powerful feature set, designers no longer need to rely on expensive, time-consuming design reviews in CAVE and large setups. With a simple device connected to their workstations, they can fire up informal design reviews in minutes.

Informal reviews are a great way to bridge the gap between engineering teams and non-engineering stakeholders.

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